What’s Your Twitter ID?

I just returned home from the one holiday party at Eyebar in DC, and am quite surprised by the experience. First, I was happy to be able to afford the $62.5o admission fee (I couldn’t last year) and was determined after forking over that kind of cash to get my money’s worth.

Problem is, I’m the worst networker. I am more of an notworker. I never mastered the art of walking up to complete strangers and striking up a conversation.

Until I found myself in a sea of ad execs, pr and marketing pros, business owners, etc. I knew I needed to make a splash, or at least give away a few cards. I noticed a girl who had put her twitter id (@digitalsista) on her name badge. Genius. I copied her move and added my own twitter id (@amandamogul) on my badge. What a conversation starter.

For the rest of the night I opened with “Hello, how are you? Are you on Twitter?” Honestly, if I hadn’t had that little line, I probably would have left with most of the business cards I came to the party with. Instead, I ran out of cards which is a total first for me.

I know the Geek Giant has been hinting at the demise of authentic human relationships in the face of social media’s takeover, but I’m feeling like social media is like any complementing marketing strategy. It reinforces relationships, and where are none, it gives you a reason to start one.

So what’s your twitter id? Follow me @amandamogul.

and follow the cool people i met at the one party:




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