My whole house is sick.  My 14-month-old Logan had a playdate last Sunday and caught a cold. Logan gave his cold to his brother, 10-week-old Connor. Connor and Logan both passed it on to my husband Marc. Meanwhile, I was fighting it: luckily I’ve only suffered a sneeze here, a cough there. Nothing incapacitating.

Anyway, all of this sick time means my husband/best friend is home recovering, and we get to spend time together engaging in one of our fave activities: talking.  When we have down time, I love to brainstorm and cook up creative schemes alongside Marc, as he is my most reliable and objective sounding board.

A few months ago I was kicking around the idea of a business blog targeted towards a younger, more diverse entrepreneur. I really like Entrepreneur Magazine (and the family of blogs), PINK Magazine and Black Enterprise. But none of the publications are a perfect fit for amandamogul.

Entrepreneur profiles lots of young, exciting start-ups. But there’s never any diversity.  PINK always features great women that I feel I can look up to, and it’s diverse enough, but the women tend to consistently be way older than me.  And Black Enterprise offers a great mix of youth with experience, men with women. But I’m not feeling the lack of diversity when it’s skewed all the way to the black side either. So what to do?

Why, start a new business blog, of course.

Which brings me back to Marc.  While at home sick he was gabbing away about this and that, and mentioned that he told his good friend Anthony, a designer out in California, to look at my blog.  He specifically pointed Anthony to the 8 Ways post to give him ideas about marketing as an independent and creative entrepreneur. That’s when it hit me. Duh. Marketing and PR tips aren’t just for marketing and PR professionals. They’re for everybody!

I originally started this blog with the vision of it fitting into a very well-defined (and what I deemed successful) genre of PR  blogs.  A couple of the more popular blogs in that genre are even listed in my blogroll. But after getting into the actual content creation, I think that approach deserves revision. After assessing my expertise (writing, marketing, pr, social media) and tracking what piques my interest (business trends); as well as what inspires me to stay up writing  while I could be getting some much needed sleep (helping people succeed in business), I’ve discovered that this blog will most likely evolve into the divine content that lies at the intersection of all of that.

So if you’ve got a business,  product,  service, book, blog, or anything else you want the world to hear about, I’m gonna hook you up.  But so that I stay on target, let me put it to you. What do you want to read about? What would you like to see me cover? I still want to bring you my unique spin on media, but only after I’ve  given you valuable ideas on increasing the visibility and profitability of your brand.

So do like Prop Joe, and “think on it.” Get back to me with your feedback.

I’m going to bed.

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