NYTimes Highlights Dismal Media Reality; PR Opportunity

From the New York Times story Big News in Washington But Far Fewer to Cover It:

“The times may be news-rich, but newspapers are cash-poor, facing their direst financial straits since the Great Depression…Racing to cut costs as they lose revenue, most have decided that their future lies in local news, not national or international events.”

Crazy that such an amazing  time in our nation’s history will suffer from less media coverage as papers close Washington Bureaus. Seems so wrong, especially considering how “well-covered” our outgoing President was. I feel like pouting and throwing a mini-tantrum. I want my Obama news!

But what we lose as media consumers and voyeurs, we gain as business owners and publicists. If you’ve been trying to get coverage in your local markets, seems like a great time to get to know your local reporters, their beats and how they like their pitches. Go on and make that lemonade.

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