Make Your E-Mail Signature Market Your Biz

iphone-keyboardThere is absolutely nothing that upsets me more than to see savvy entrepreneurs,  PR pros and marketers send messages from their handheld devices and use the default e-mail signature. You know the ones. “Sent from my iPhone.” or “Sent from my AT&T blackberry wireless.” I always think, why on earth would you give all of that free advertising to Apple,  AT&T or Blackberry? Are you getting your residuals? 

Unless you just want people to know that you have an iPhone, or Blackberry (which most people have these days anyway) why not use your e-mail signature to promote yourself or your business? If you think about it, you probably send dozens of e-mails a day if not more. So dozens of people could potentially see the name of your business and the link to your Web site in your e-mail signature. But if you’re sending messages via your handheld device and only have that factory signature, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to market yourself, your business, your Web site and any other projects you want people to know about.  [To change your e-mail signature on your handheld, simply go into your e-mail settings and alter the existing text of the current signature]

For my standard e-mail signature, I list my name, company, web site, title, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, twitter link and linkedIn link. It’s a lot, but I try to break it up to make it visually appealing. I have seen people put even more in their email signatures. For my iPhone I simply have my name, company site, numbers and twitter identification.  Although there is actually no limit to how detailed my signature could be on the iPhone; some people embed photographs and hyperlinks.

When  you send an e-mail, whether from your desk or from your handheld device, make sure you’re not missing the chance to tell the world how to reach you either by phone or on the web.  If you don’t have a business, put a link to your blog or online graphic design portfolio. Never miss an opportunity to repeat your brand name and brand url: It may sound simple, but repetition is the basis of increased brand recognition and market share.

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