Test Drive My Job::Beauty + Fashion PR Fiend MiMi Johnson

me-in-purpleName: MiMi Johnson
Age: 27
Current City: Atlanta, GA
Job Title: Blogger/Marketing Director
Company Name: F.A.M. Fiend
Length of Time in this Role: less than a year
Web Site: Famfiend.com
Twitter Handle: FAMFiend

Mopwater: Describe your path to PR. How did you wind up in this field? MJ: I have sort of a unique path into the field. I was accepted into college as a fashion design major, but quickly changed it to Marketing in efforts of being more ‘practical”. I graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a BA in Marketing, but also never gave up on my aspirations on doing something within the field of fashion. I later linked up with my super-creative college friend, Alesha Gunn, to start up a blog that displays our common interests for the love of fashion, art, and music. Alesha is more of the creative designer of the site and I’m more of the business/marketing go to person for the blog. I also co-own a makeup/hair/fashion styling agency called P3 Lab and do all of the marketing/PR for that as well.

Mopwater: What aspects of the industry are you most excited about? MJ: I love meeting new people from diverse backgrounds. That is always so refreshing to me. I also love being able to be creative with stories I write up, different angles I take when writing up releases, as well as coming up with cool marketing ideas and having the total authority to execute them.

Mopwater: Describe a typical workday including your work hours. What do you do all day? MJ: My daily tasks change from day to day. I could be interviewing a new artist or designer for a blog feature, typing up posts, putting together e-blasts for clients, researching new products or daily news, attending a special event, meeting with a client, or simply online all day responding to emails.

Mopwater: Describe your office setting and workplace.  MJ: I love having the freedom of working virtually as well as having a flexible schedule! I normally work from my home office, but sometime work in a coffee shop or bookstore for a change of scenery.

What are your favorite and least favorite PR tasks and why? Do you love to pitch? Dread writing releases? Adore blogging for your brands? MJ: I sometimes have severe cases of writers block and it may take me hours to write up a simple release because I want it to be to the point but creative! Proof reading can be tedious as well.  But I absolutely love being able to attend and cover really cool events in the fashion, music, and arts industry. I really have fun with video blogging as well.

Mopwater: Who are some of your (or your organization’s) clients, and what kind of projects do you take on for these clients? MJ: Most of our current clients are indie designers, emerging artists, and small business owners within the art, fashion, beauty, and music industry.  We offer site advertisements, ad integration within our blog posts, online promotion videos, graphic services, and e-blasts to our contact list on promotions and events.

Mopwater: Describe a recent project where you produced results of which you’re really proud. MJ: We recently collaborated with Beautyticket.com and created a Stila giveaway to a lucky reader as a special discount coupon for all of our readers. We wrote a dedicated post about Beautyticket.com and asked our readers to email us about their favorite beauty product as well as sent it out in our weekly newsletter. We received such a huge response from new readers as well as our current subscribers! This not only created more unique viewers for us, but helped to drive new business and traffic for Beautyticket.com. It was a win-win situation.

Mopwater: What is your favorite thing about this job? MJ: Meeting new people, having flexibility, and being utilize my creativity.

Mopwater: Do you think you’ll be in this position in 5 years? MJ: Yes, definitely as I anticipate the blog to grow even bigger within the next few years and spin into some different areas like radio, print, and possible television.

Mopwater: If you could work on any PR or marketing project of your choosing, what would it be? MJ: I would love to do the marketing campaign for a major cosmetic line with a great cause behind it, similar to MAC’s VIVA Glam that helps benefit the MAC AIDS fund. Hopefully it will be my own makeup line someday ☺

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