An Innovative Multimedia Pitch

The ability to create a sound strategy to promote an event, person, product or cause lies at the core of our profession. That means making judgment calls about what medium or combination of media to use when crafting a good pitch. Increasingly, spreading the word and generating buzz requires a multitiered, multifaceted and multimedia approach. In addition to the original channels of media, we must continue to push the envelope and learn creative ways to attract attention and engender the compassion of our target audience-whether they are reporters at the Wall Street Journal or consumers.

This video for Share Our Strength is a great and inspiring example of this outside-of-the-box thinking. Created by the genius creative minds at Washington, DC-based iStrategyLabs, the video is beautifully scripted and animated. And what’s more, it’s scored with original music. Can you imagine sending this thing to a journalist as your pitch?

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