3 #DC Area #PR Pros for Hire:: #HAPPO and #HAPPODC Edition

hire-meEmployers: if you’re looking for a PR pro in the Washington, DC area, here are 3 great people for you to check out. Two are quite experienced, one is entry-level, all have quite interesting stories and can be reached via LinkedIn and Twitter.

Keshia Holland- @Justblue73 or on LinkedIn

12-years of experience in public relations

From Keshia:

A little over a year ago, I fell in love with Washington, D.C. and have been searching for the perfect opportunity from the moment I hit 295 and drove north home.

I am a dynamic communications professional with more than twelve years of public relations experience targeting consumer, trade and internal audiences across a wide range of industries including technology, state lotteries, consumer goods, architecture, fashion/beauty and home/remodeling with a focus on communicating green and environmentally-friendly initiatives. In addition to understanding the basics of traditional public relations, I have a keen grasp on new media and leveraging social media outlets to increase brand awareness.

After working on the agency-side for the past six years, I would love to get back on the client-side in the DC Metro area. In an ideal world, my next position to be in government or possibly a non-profit that focuses on sustainable building or communicating the benefits of environmentally friendly practices.

Byron Johnson @byron_johnson or on LinkedIn

13 Years Experience

From Byron:

Why hire me?  Because for 13 years I’ve excelled in the areas of media relations, public affairs, event planning, marketing communications, strategic planning, crisis and issues management and political advocacy. I’ve launched nation-wide health care initiatives and grassroots organizational structures for companies from the ground up.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with chief executives to address crisis issues and turn potentially damaging incidents into educational moments on a national stage.  With experience working in healthcare, transportation and the environmental sectors, I work extremely well under pressure, and am a pro at handling multiple projects with competing deadlines.

For more information about my background, please click here  or connect with me on Twitter @byron_johnson.

I once successfully partnered with pizza restaurants during SuperBowl week to promote awareness of available diabetes education and resource materials.

Jaclyn Randolph @jaclynrandolph or on LinkedIn

Entry Level

I met Jaclyn on Tuesday night at the DC Flacks HAPPO Hour and I can tell you that she has a great personality and disposition. She is starting her PR career after relocating to the DC area. Her PR experience is in the restaurant and hospitality sector and she says she would love to land a full-time position working in the hotel and/or hospitality PR industry.

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