Vocus Users Conference Live Blogging RoundUp

You may have missed my live blogging and tweeting from the Vocus Conference, but no worries. Here’s a recap:

From Mopwater Mobile:

Conference Opening Moments (I got to meet Peter Shankman just before the Vocus Acquisition Announcement!)

How Perry Uses Vocus I adore Perry. He obliged me this interview on how he uses Vocus at his conservation organization. Though he was not allowed to speak as an official spokesperson, hence the organization’s name is withheld.

How a Roofing Company Uses Vocus Tara shared an amazing story of a business’s resilience during a recesssion and how Vocus has helped her company stay efficient and keep revenues stabilized.

Rydex Investments Vocus Experience Rydex did say they were shopping around for other software because reporters who move around aren’t always updated in a timely fashion, but for the most part they enjoy the software.

From PR’s Past to Social Media Power This is a snippet from Deirdre Breakenridge’s amazing presentation, one of my must-sees.

Meeting Journalistics Founder Jeremy Porter I got a chance to meet one of my favorite bloggers at the conference, Jeremy Porter. What a great personality. He’s totally from the South like me, we clicked immediately.

How the EPA Maximizes Vocus Software The EPA so has it together, Mary Simms is a former reporter and Vocus should hire her to be a spokesperson. She was teaching people at breakfast how they can use the software more efficiently. It’s amazing to hear her speak about it.

Engage or Die! Meeting Brian Solis Buy the book, read the blog, become a fan of this man. He’s a genius.

How the National Wildlife Federation is Using Vocus You may not be able to hear this one, the audio is a little low, but it’s a good take on how a non-profit is using the software.

Game Change: The New Rules of Marketing and PR with David Meerman Scott What an electrifying presentation! If you ever get the chance to see this man speak at a conference, GO!!!

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