Coffee for Media and PR Pros During Digital Capital Week #DCWeek


“We’re just having a cup of coffee,” So says Margie:) That’s a quote from our last PR Coffee Meetup Tweetup at Chinatown Coffee back in March. Shameful, that we haven’t had a cup of coffee together in three months! Please know that dozens (maybe hundreds?) of cups of coffee have been had by Amanda in those three months since.

Anyway, during Digital Capital Week on Media 2.0 Day here in Washington, I (Amanda Miller Littlejohn) my new partner in crime (Gia Parker) and my PR pal and transplant from my hometown of Nashville (Margie Newman) will be hosting a casual coffee for communicators and media professionals to cool their heels between the morning and afternoon Media 2.0 Day sessions and before the evening’s events.

The event is free, but please RSVP to the coffee for media and public relations pros here, so that we can have an idea of who all is coming so we can prepare seating at CB. All details (time, location, etc. are on the eventbrite listing).

See you on Tuesday.

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