How to Get More Blog Traffic Through SEO

MopwaterPR July 10 Basic SEO for Blogs Workshop in DC #BSEO4BDC bloggers, social media and PR pros got more than a taste of SEO (search engine optimization) at Saturday morning’s Basic SEO for Blogs training hosted by Mopwater PR in Columbia Heights. Nakeva Corothers of Nightlife PR gave an outstanding presentation on keyword research, driving traffic, how search engines work, and how to write your blog titles to drive traffic to your blog.

How #BSEO4B Came To Be

This workshop was essentially born after I heard an amazing keynote presentation by Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing during the Vocus Users Conference in June. Lee got me all fired up about search engine optimization, and shared a few tips after his presentation and I was so excited. Being the nerd that I am, I’d videotaped his keynote on my flip and uploaded the first 10 minutes to YouTube and posted it here on Mopwater. Nakeva saw the vide0, and commented on the blog post.

Fast forward to Digital Capital Week at the Media Bistro Social Times happy hour. I run into Nakeva and we start discussing, what else? SEO. In the middle of this jam-packed social scene, cocktails beer and whatnot, we’re totally NERDING OUT on the topic of alt tags and keywords. I immediately knew that she knew and understood the value of search and how PR pros must be thinking like search engines since journalists begin their stories oftentimes with search engines. I asked Nakeva to speak, Gia our intern began corresponding with her and the rest is SEO history so to speak.

Take Aways

BasicSEO4BlogsWorkshop MopwaterPR Trainer Nakeva Corothers #BSEO4BIf you weren’t at the presentation, you missed a great learning opportunity and some great coffee. But we used the hashtag #BSEO4B. Enjoy a few of these choice “Twitter Takeaways,” but be sure to search the hashtag on your own, and add your own SEO tips there as well.

@alexpriest Press releases should always be SEO’d too. Everything goes online. #BSEO4B

@jaywalk1 Quote of the day: “Title is your intro, your blog’s strobe lights. Subtitle is your blog’s red carpet.” #BSEO4B

@socialmediadc: Tips for bloggers. Link when appropriate to your competitors. Great for SEO. #BSEO4B

@ccooks3 Tagging metadata for photos is like having invisible keywords #BSEO4B

@misstorilynn The light bulb just came on. I know what my new blog will be about. Thanks to #BSEO4B for sparking that plug.

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