How Stories Move from the Web to Television

One of the most fascinating tidbits of info that I got from a recent panel on online media was how niche publications and websites are the future of media.

I captured some footage of David Wilson, founder of the Grio, discussing the Grio’s relationship with parent company NBC. In this clip, David describes the trickle-up effect of online news: how news can potentially break on the Grio and end up on NBC nightly news or the Today Show.

The Grio is a niche news site for African-American viewpoints. So case-in-point: Go niche.

Another one of the speakers on this panel was the co-founder of which is doing pretty well as new media companies g0. My takeaway: Gone are the days of being super general, so if you’re writing about travel, maybe consider writing about travel for parents. Writing about style? What about style for today’s busy business owner/blogger who has two toddlers and needs to be comfortable but also needs to have great things to wear for last minute meetings? :)

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