Social Media Saves INgage Networks $270k

Just in case you missed the article on Mashable that featured a couple of choice quotes from me,  you can read it here:  The Future of Public Relations and Social Media.

The article was fairly  expansive so if you don’t have time to read the whole thing, take a look at this jaw-dropping case study.   INgage Networks used social media to save hundreds of thousands of dollars:

INgage Networks‘ Corporate Communications Manager Kathy Saenz explained how her company saved $270K in expenses via social media. They had previously paid $250K annually for an external PR agency, and $20K in events budgeting for venue, traveling and promotions expenses. They saved all of that money by bringing their PR in-house and focusing on social media. Instead of running large events at expensive venues, they now run webinars. Of their latest webinar, Saenz said, “It was a targeted B2B audience we wanted to reach; [we] broke record attendance numbers. We didn’t have to pay for anything as a result. Great exposure and big money saved.”

How are you saving money with social media?
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