4 Steps to Find PR Clients You’re Passionate About

how to find PR projectsAre you passionate about your PR projects? The more passion we have for the subject of our client work, the more engaged we will be in the work, the more excited we will be to do the work, and the more energy and time we’ll put into it. And when I’m passionate about my clients and projects, often I find that I’m able to be much more creative.

But something I’ve heard people struggle with is how to systematically go after clients that match our passions so that we always have work that we love. Here is my system for doing just that.

First identify your passions. Leave the PR out of the equation and figure out what you are passionate about in life. I happen to be quite passionate about coffee, Romare Bearden, John Coltrane and women’s empowerment among other things.

Identify Your Specialty Skills If you’re starting out in PR it will be easier to get clients if you can tell them exactly what you offer. When thinking of your specialty skills should ask yourself if you love event planning, crisis communications, speechwriting, helping organizations develop their social media, etc.

Identify a couple of industries you want to mine for your clients. You may find that you love to plan events for restaurants and hotels, so your industry might be hospitality and tourism. Love writing speeches for politicians? Politics and government may be your focus.

Put it all together. Make a statement that begins with “I am…” For example: I am a political speechwriter for politicians that focus on education reform. Or: I am an event planner for boutique restaurants attached to hotels in the New York City Area.

Need more help figuring out your specialty? I made something to help you. Discover and Win helps you put all of your thoughts together and will help you define 1.) who and where your clients are 2.) what your specific skills are 3.) what you are most passionate about and 4.) how to find clients that match your skills and passions. Learn more.


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