Apple Dominates @Flickr Uploads and @Twitter Tech Trends.

This video from Mobile Future sums up the year in mobile quite nicely. Last year, 300 million apps were downloaded, but in 2010 the number of apps downloaded jumped to 5 BILLION. These are almost incomprehensible numbers, but they surely tell us that mobile is the now of the web. Got some content? Selling a product? Want to reach consumers? Apparently, a website isn’t enough. It’s time for an app.

Another interesting nugget: According to the Mobile Future Year in Review, the iPhone was the most popular camera used to upload photos to Flickr. How huge is this considering the iPhone’s main functionality is not its camera? It’s not called, after all an iCamera. And it doesn’t even have a flash.

Apple owned 4 of the 10 Technology Trends on Twitter. The iPad, which was released in April, was the number one Tech Trending Topic on Twitter in 2010. And the number 6 overall worldwide trending topic on Twitter this year.

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