10 Tips for Attracting Your Local TV News Crew

pitching tv news localFor some, getting covered by a news camera is the best kind of media coverage. But it can  be tricky coverage to get because news desks can be funny about sending their camera crews out to unknown location or to work with a new organization.

Thanks to Jennifer Wiggins and Danielle Johnson, producers at NBC 10 in Philadelphia, for offering up these valuable tips for contacting your local news organization.

Ten Tips for Local News Coverage

  1. E-mail the press release 1 month-2 weeks before the event (NBC files all press releases in their ‘futures section’)
  2. The day before the event, resend the release and call to ensure the press release was received
  3. Ask for the planner on the assignment desk to make sure your release was filed. They are in charge of choosing the best events to cover and they will let you know if your event is something the station will be able to cover.
  4. If the media comes out to cover your event, ask for their contact information. The more people you meet (reporters, photographers, writers, etc.) the better!
  5. A newsroom is busy-no matter how amazing your event is, if the editors have to track down all the necessary information, your event likely will not get coverage.
  6. Include the who/what/when/where/contact info for the day of the event /summary of the event in your press release and/or follow-up memo.
  7. If it is an event (for example, a fundraiser) that spans from 9am-12pm-include the best time to send a camera. If  at 11am there is a check presentation, make that clear so the camera is sent at the correct time.
  8. Utilize social media. Set up a Facebook page, Twitter account and post your events on community forums, in newspapers, on news websites to stay connected.
  9. Include your EXACT address.
  10. Follow up after the event with outcomes (i.e. how much money was raised, how many people were fed, etc.) Show the impact.

What are your tips for getting local television coverage?

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