6 Great Free Ebooks for PR and Social Media

Everybody loves free e-books. Especially PR pros. Here are a few I’ve found particularly helpful this year.

1. Optimize Your News for Search in 5 Steps by TopRank If a journalist is looking for you on Google, and they can’t find you, do you exist? To the journalist maybe not. I love the Top Rank Marketing Blog -they publish information on SEO, online search and social media-all topics that can really enhance your PR game. Get in on the search aspect of PR.

2.The Social Media ProBook by Eloqua and Jess3 I just found this the other day on Facebook. They have reimagined their old Social Media Playbook into this fun, visually stimulating new document. Pay special attention to page 32-33 “How PR People Should Approach Social Media.” In this mini-essay Sarah Evans of Sevans Strategy advises PR pros on how to try out new tools, create a routine, pitch as part of a trend story, etc.

3. E-Books the Smart Way by Patt Flynn Have you been dreaming about turning your knowledge into a passive income product? Pat Flynn, author of the Smart Passive Income blog has laid it all out for you here. He begins with the motivation of the reader, which, in my opinion is the smartest place to start. This free guide is jam-packed with info nuggets on how to create an e-book your readers will devour.

4. Viral Marketing by David Meerman Scott This is an oldie but goodie from David Meerman Scott. David published this e-book a few years ago, along with his groundbreaking work The New Rules of Marketing in PR (one of the most famous ebooks ever written). I love this this accessible, information. Great for any individual or organization looking to make better use of the net.

5. The Big Book of Press Releases by Ereleases Okay, for the PR pros on this list, you may find this book of press releases unnecessary. However, small business owners and nonprofits who need to go at their PR alone, take a look at these releases. In this document you’ll find every type of release under the sun.

6. Get It in Writing by SoloPRPro Kellye Crane over at SoloPRPro has prepared this wonderful resource with the Solo PR professional in mind. But a little tip-anyone who has a service-based business can use it. I love this guide-it’s all about writing contracts so that you’re legally covered to be paid for your fabulous work. This guide is a must-read for any solopreneur, freelancer or consultant-not just public relations practitioners.

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