Pinterest – Who’s Using It, How and Why

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to share images/links they find interesting or inspiring. Once shared, these images become “Pins” that can be placed on thematic “Boards” that users can customize for any topic. Once something is pinned, it can then be “repinned” by other Pinterest users.

So what?

In addition to “humanizing” brands (the buzz term these days) by letting customers know what you’re into, what you like, etc. – there’s serious potential to drive sales here. If you are selling tech products,  apparel or even food – getting images of your products pinned and repinned can literally drive customers to your door step. At the very least pinterest will drive traffic to your web site  where customers can proceed to place an order or make a reservation.

Get your pins in front of the right audience or an influential pinner, and you may see your products flying off the shelf.

Check out monetate’s great infographic that shows you 10 important facts about Pinterest.

Quickly – 5 Reasons to Use Pinterest:

1. Promote a lifestyle

2. Focus Group

3. Crowdsource

4. Run contests

5. Inspire your team.

I sense that these 5 reasons are only scratching the surface of Pinterest’s potential. How are you using it?

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Is Pinterest the Next Social Commerce Game Changer?





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