Need Clarity Around Your Brand? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions. (+ free download)

Before you can properly build a strong personal brand, I believe that you first need to gain clarity and fully define who you want to be. When I work with my coaching clients, this is the very first stage in our work – I dig deep into not only what they are passionate about, but what they’re good at and were naturally born to do. I so often find that they are leaving money on the table by not incorporating their strengths and passions into their branding.

Are you in the process of building a new brand? Are you ready to refine an existing brand? Wherever you are in the process, get more clarity on your brand by asking yourself these questions:

What Do People Get Out of Working With Me? Figure out not what you do, not what service you provide, but how you improve people’s lives or businesses and the amazing results they get. Think about all of the times when friends or family asked you to help them. What do they ask you to do? What do they always say that you’re really good at? What do they count on you for? Look at past examples of paid or non-paid work experiences when you felt that you were at your best. What did you do in those situations that made such a big difference? A few of my things – I demystify social media and personal branding, I show clients how to present themselves in order to get more clients, I give clients clarity of their offer, value and pricing so that they can make more money. See how those are all about what value the client gets at the end, not so much about me?


Who Do I Help? Marketing to the masses never works as well as marketing to a tightly defined market. You may have a niche market and not even know about it.  Who do you find yourself most often attracted to or compelled to help? Who is most attracted to you? And who do you most enjoy working with? (This part is important to me – I believe that you can and should build your business around helping people you love working with, and who love working with you. Think of all the fun you will have!)

I discovered a few years ago that I have a knack for helping marketing and PR professionals position themselves and their businesses in order to attract more clients. I help them tease out what is unique about their marketing or PR practice and develop language, logos, web sites and social media presences to stand out from their competition. I called myself “the publicist’s publicist” for a time. How “meta”. But I found this particular niche not by promoting it, but by observing how I was able to so easily make a difference in the lives of PR people by telling them what I thought was super obvious.

Who do you find yourself most often attracted to or compelled to help? Who is most attracted to you? And who do you most enjoy working with?

When Am I In “My Zone”?  You know that feeling you get when you’ve put something incredible out in the world? Whether or not it made you any money – but it existed at that oh so elusive place where skill, passion and purpose meet? What are you physically doing when this happens? For me, I have always gotten into my zone by writing. And as time has gone on, talking with people one on one or in small groups has gotten me there. What are you doing when you’re in your zone? Are you speaking, writing, designing or training? Are you talking to groups or in front of big crowds? Are you building something? Are you working alone solving a problem that you later present to the client? Or do you work alongside people to help them reach the answer themselves?

If you can honestly answer these three simple questions, you can begin branding yourself and your business with more clarity than ever before. Check out this summer web giveaway – my free personal brand definition workbook to help you define your brand before you begin promoting it.


Special Offer – In the DC area? Join me in downtown Bethesda in July for summer office hours. We can brainstorm for an hour or three about you, your business idea, getting new customers, or breaking into a new market. Not in DC? We can hop on the phone. Email me by Friday, July 9 so we can coordinate.

See you soon!

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