Sitting on a Great Idea? Don’t Wait. Do It Now.

My big boy Logan who turns five next week!

Summer is slowly fading, and that has gotten me thinking about mortality.

I know what you’re thinking – you’re afraid of death?

Yes and no. And not in the sense that you’re thinking. You see, I have recently decided to completely take my foot off of the brake in many aspects of my life. It may be because I recently had a birthday and I’m feeling like I’m not getting any younger. Or maybe it’s the fact that my firstborn child who I recall bouncing as a baby seemingly only yesterday – just finished his first week of kindergarten. Time truly flies.

Watching  life literally grow up in front of my very eyes puts time into perspective in a way that nothing ever has for me. And it got me to thinking, if Logan is already 5, I will wake up in what seems like a blink of an eye and he will be 10. And then 20, and then 30 and then one day I will look around and wonder “What have I made with my life?”

I began to think about all of the projects that I have wanted to implement over the years, all of the stories I wanted to write (or publish), that magazine I said I wanted to launch. And how I would think of these wonderful projects and blow myself off saying – “I’ll do that another day.”

Then a quote popped into my Facebook feed that literally stopped me in my tracks. Here’s the quote:


So I began dusting off my ambitions. I dug up the notes from a project that came to me back in 2003 – a writing workshop for middle-school aged girls. At the time, I had the idea but didn’t have the network or know-how to bring my idea to life. Now I do. And I am proud to say that I will soon be offering a journaling workshop to a group of homeless middle-school girls. I am so excited! (Keep your fingers crossed that everything continues to go as planned!)

I also began to explore my desire to pen non-fiction news pieces on culture. So when by chance I met an editor at a friend’s brunch, without hesitation I pitched her my idea to write about parenting young children from the perspective of an early 30s African-American mom. Within a month my first piece was published. For kicks, feel free to read it here –

I say all of that to say, none of the things I’m doing right now are really new ideas for me. They’re all things I’ve been thinking about for years but for whatever reason I didn’t have a sense of urgency. But what I have realized is, waiting around to do is arrogant because nothing is promised to us.

What about you? What big audacious dream have you been sitting on? What genius have you been holding back? A little advice – don’t be so selfish with yourself. Because what the world needs is more of you in your most authentic, naturally brilliant state. Who are you to hold yourself back from us? :)

You never know when you’ll get this moment again. So if you want to do something, DO IT. Now.

Because there’s only so many tomorrows.


 p.s. If you’re ready to dust off your ambitions and need someone to bounce ideas off of, book a brand brainstorming session with me. You won’t regret it. Promise.

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