That “Thing” You Do: Finding Your Genius

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now.

A few weeks ago, I was on Facebook (as I am often) and I came across this absolutely fantastic tidbit from PR pro Sarah Evans, who recently released her book Re [Frame]: Little Inspirations for a Larger Purpose.

The tidbit was this:

“That ‘thing’ that seems so easy to you is your talent, your gift. You’re certain that everyone else can do it, but they can’t.”











I for one, was plagued with this idea that “everyone can do what I can do…it’s nothing special…” for years. But that’s nonsense. An absolute non-truth. Such an untruth that I abandoned it for good some time go.

Everyone can NOT do what I do. Few can, and I would dare to say, no one can do what I do the awesome way that I do it. Quickly. Naturally. As easily as breathing.

What about you?

You know you’ve found yourself in that situation before. That thing that friends, family members, your spouse and even colleagues always defer to you to do. (And not making the coffee).

Whatever “that thing” is, I want you to know right now that it is special. Whether it’s making car engines purr like kittens, or making distrusting people feel at ease- it’s a gift! So treat it as such. Honor it. Claim it. And most of all, acknowledge that it is your unique genius.

I will hop off of my soapbox for a moment to let you know about my very exciting (drumroll please) FIRST TELESEMINAR EVER! 

It’s 100% free and it’s going down on Tuesday night from 8pm – 9pm EST. I’m going to put the kids to bed and jump on this call and give you some of my very best methods to package your services, articulate your message and convey your brand value in a way that is authentic and effective.   I can’t wait to help you get yourself out there so that the world can finally find out what a GENIUS you are! 

Oh! You have to pre-register to get on the call. Do that here.

And if you have questions you want me to answer beforehand, join the Facebook event page and get to asking – here.

Use the hashtag #SoloBranding on the web.

See you next week on the call, Genius.


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