7 Marketing Tools for Every Freelancer’s Toolkit

Tools for great PRThere are many different ways you can market your business and your marketing toolkit will undoubtedly change, evolve and grow. However, there are certain tools you MUST have in order to gain traction in the marketplace as a consultant or solopreneur.

You can get by without them, but I have found that the following 7 tools work best when used together.  When used consistently, these 7 tools will help you attract the type of clients who you naturally will be the best at serving.



My Suggested Tools:

  • A Tagline/Slogan – a clear, concise description of who you are/what you do/who you serve
  • A Professional Headshot – taken by a professional photographer, this will help you stand out as more than a mere amateur. The photograph will come in handy when you get invited to speak or do a webinar on your subject of expertise.
  • A Professional Web Site – In 2013, there’s no excuse not to have one. There are free and inexpensive tools that will help you get your site up if you’re not in a position to hire a web design firm.
  • Marketing PDF – I recommend creating a 2-pager that can describe a few of your niche services in detail. It may include pricing information and targeted language you don’t necessarily want to put on your public web site. When done right, this document will help you close the sale.
  • Video – You don’t need a full video channel to be successful, but one or two good videos that describe who you are and what you do should do the trick.
  • E-Mail Marketing – You need a way to reach people who have visited your web site and want to learn more about you at some point. If you have a special offer, promotion, or just want to say hello – you can’t rely on them to come back to your web site. You have to be able to reach them, too. I like Mailchimp for starters – you can set up a free email account if you have under 2000 subscribers.
  • Blog – My blog has opened opportunities that I never even thought were possible. If you have expert knowledge, you should definitely be sharing it via a blog. I recommend WordPress as your platform of choice.

If you can master these 7 items, you’ll be well on your way to elevating your brand profile in 2013.

I had a ton of fun covering all this and more on my free call – Messaging and Marketing for Experts. If you missed the call, listen to the recording.

Need more help? Check out this marketing toolkit I developed that takes you through developing your boilerplate language, business development, developing a social media brand, coming up with your signature speech and reaching out to the media for publicity. I even included a sample pitch to the media that worked. Get your toolkit.

Until next time – happy branding!

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