Owning Your “It” – Success in Business Starts from Within

Over the past year, I have been honored to work one on one with some pretty amazing business owners – all creative to their core, masters of their craft, all working to become known as experts in their fields. Through my brand coaching program, we have been able to dive deeply into who they are, who they serve and why they are amazing. Inevitably there are revelations.

These business owners begin to think about things they haven’t thought about in years. They unearth secrets they’d forgotten were hidden away. And they courageously keep revealing and keep digging until…

We strike gold.

I’ve noticed a pattern  – once we get past the first barrier, (usually haziness, fear, or an inability to truly SEE their enormous capabilities) we’re sailing.

Once barrier one is down, the floodgates totally open up and we’re suddenly cooking with gas. Once they realize that they are what they’ve always wanted to be, they are so much more free to own it. Confidence ensues. Goals are reached easily.

But “owning it” is the hard part – or rather, defining the “it” to own is the thing that gets these business owners hung up.

Confession: For the longest time I struggled with owning my own “it” – that being the fact that people would pay for counsel and advice outside of the retainer model. For me owning my it meant accepting that my advice and strategic thinking (not just the work that produces tangible deliverables) was worth a lot of money. Creating the brand coaching program was a huge first step for me. And I am blown away by the progress I’ve been able to help my clients make.

Helping clients achieve their business goals and see themselves clearly has helped me own my value in a way that I had never done until this year.

20121201-183523.jpgEt tu?

Are you yearning to build a personal brand, but struggling with owning your “it”? Are you ready to claim your expert status and break away from the pack, yet confounded about what makes you unique?
Don’t wait another year to own your innate brilliance. Embrace your unabashedly badass self.  Embrace the fact that you have undeniable talents and gifts. Decide that 2013 will be the year, your year. Decide to take massive action to cash in on your genius, and build the business of your dreams.
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