In 2013 I want SO MUCH for you.

I want you to know how much I believe in your infinite potential, your power and your purpose.

I want you to stop blowing yourself off. Today is here and tomorrow is not promised. If you have something you want to launch, write, present, create – DO IT.

I want you to stop second-guessing yourself. You may not know all of the answers, but that’s no reason not to try. You don’t need a perfect blueprint to lay the first stone.

I want you to stop being afraid to fail. Successful people try new things and fail all the time. I for one know that my failures are proof that I am trying and with each failure I inch ever closer to success.

I want you to act. BOLDLY. UNREASONABLY. Daily. Stop over-thinking your dreams. Stop being so rational. Act on your impulses once in a while. Do that thing that jumps into your mind – as soon as you get the inkling. Don’t abandon another year of your life to the prison of regret. Do you really want to leave the planet with a long list of “what ifs”?

I want you to START. Put yourself out there. Begin. Dreaming of starting a business? Tell someone what you’re thinking. Been meaning to start sketching again? Pick up a pencil. Dreaming to play your bass guitar at a club every week? Start gigging. Just start.

This time next year, let us flip back through our daybooks, calendars and agendas and think to ourselves – “Wow…this year, I really lived.”




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