Tip for Busy Entrepreneurs – Don’t forget to Break (video)

Isn’t that the most beautiful sound? I recorded just yesterday at sunrise from Miami Beach.

Because, sometimes you just have to unplug.

Ironically I plugged in just for a moment to tell you that because I think it is so important. I was writing this, pseudo-unplugged on the beach watching the waves crash against the sand.

So there I sat, reflecting on God’s wonder. The waves were crashing. The sea was a brilliant turquoise. The sky was a topaz blue and the sound of the waves lulled me to a place where there was no stress.

This was a last minute opportunity to get some sun, refocus and hit the refresh button.

I often hear from people “Amanda how do you get it all done?” or “Why do you work so hard?” Number one, I love what I do so it does not feel like work to me. My work energizes and invigorates me, and for that I feel beyond blessed.

Number two, I do believe it is very important to treat yourself every now and then. I have a very Bohemian Parisian sensibility, so I try to take time to be spontaneous, add a touch of whimsy to each day, smell the roses.

As you build your business, make sure to intentionally build time into your schedule to enjoy your life. It doesn’t have to be something big, it could be as simple as having your coffee on the deck, or enjoying a book when you know you have a deadline looming, or taking off for a last-minute trip to the beach on a Tuesday :)

Taking a break helps us keep things in perspective, get clarity around our goals and remember why we work so hard and WHAT we are working towards. Ironically, when you take a break, you come up with really great ideas to integrate into your business. Branding on the Beach, anyone? :)

So don’t forget to break…you deserve it!

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