How to Land a Last-Minute Internship


Summer is upon us and if you’re a student, you may catch yourself in a lurch with no internship on the horizon. It happens. But not to fear, there are still great opportunities for internships – you just have to know where to find them.

Smaller companies – especially micro businesses with fewer than 10 employees are a good place to start. You can usually reach the CEO or VP quite easily and if you lead with what you can offer, not what you want.

For example , check out this statement: “I can lighten your marketing load as I’m a whiz with social media. I’m available 20 hours per week.”

vs this one:

“I need an internship this summer. Do you have any available?”

Notice how the first statement doesn’t require the employer to think – you told them what you can offer and how much time you have. An employer receiving the second statement will have to do too much work to fit you in if he/she hadn’t really thought about offering an internship.

If you lead with what you can contribute, or a headache you can solve for your potential employer, you will probably land something.

Make a list of 10 small companies in your field and start reaching out!

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