How @Mashable Founder @PeteCashmore Got His Start


I was REALLY INSPIRED earlier this month by  SUCCESS Magazine’s interview with Mashable founder Pete Cashmore. [Sidebar: I love SUCCESS Magazine because they offer an audio cd along with the magazine, so you can really hear the passion of each interviewee – the audio interviews bring each person to life in a way that print just can’t.]

This month, Mashable founder Pete Cashmore shared his story of how he went from a single blogger on the other side of the planet to New York City – working as the founder of one of the most relevant tech media companies publishing content today.  His interview struck me because he started where so many bloggers start.

According to his interview, it was 18 months before Cashmore  got another writer on board at Mashable. So he worked long hours for almost two years, publishing a brutal 8-10 articles each day on his own.

Here are a few gems from his audio  interview:

On being a young entrepreneur

“I think what’s great about being young is that you don’t know things and what’s bad about being young is you don’t know things. And that can essentially be a big benefit or a big drawback. One of the things that is good about entering a new industry when you’re fairly young is that you don’t have any of the preconceptions about how things should be so you just do it the most obvious way. And that can actually be quite refreshing and bring new ideas to the table.”

On hard work

“The main thing I was able to do starting young, I was prepared to put effort in where maybe others wouldn’t. I would work all day every day. Because I was in Scotland, I would work on West Coast time, I would sleep a few hours in the morning and then work maybe 18 hours and then try to sleep in the morning and then try to get up again. I just didn’t know anything else.

I had the willingness and the drive … to do some very repetive and very tough work and some very tough schedules.”

On From Zero Resources to Plenty

“The way people typically get started is they go out, the meet people in the industry  and they form a team. They have a co-founder, they try and get some capital behind the venture so that they don’t have to work so many hours or so that they can at least distribute the load a little bit. That’s the classic way. But I didn’t really have that option when I was starting out so I had to do it very resourcefully. I think for me it was a good learning experience because Once you learn to work with NOTHING it becomes much easier to work with SOMETHING and to be very efficient in the way you allocate resources.”

[Tweet “”Once you learn to work w/NOTHING it’s much easier to work w/SOMETHING.” – @PeteCashmore “]

On Growing Your Business Quickly 

“If people do have the opportunity to live where the action is …I think being around the people who are in the industry gives you a huge head start and lets you maybe distribute the work load a little bit faster. I didn’t really have that opportunity and it was the biggest thing that slowed down the company’s growth was that I had to do multiple roles for a long, long time. The key is to find people who can replace you as quickly as possible because there’s always going to be other work to do.”

[Tweet “”Find ppl who can replace you …quickly. There’s…other work to do.” – @PeteCashmore on biz”]

To hear the full audio interview, pick up a copy of SUCCESS or download their app.


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