How to Efficiently Repurpose Content for Your Blog

I am a firm believer in the utility of repurposing content. There’s no need to reinvent the content wheel when you’ve likely got gobs of perfectly content already at your disposal. That old brochure, annual report, or Powerpoint presentation? Those content goldmines are chock-full of tweets, an ebook, a webinar.

When trying to maintain a blog for yourself or your company, it’s increasingly important to become a jedi of content repurposing. As PR pro Denise Graveline reminded us recently on her blog, you’ve got more content than you think.

From Don’t Get Caught:

Something I’m always urging clients when it comes to creating blog content: Wring every last bit of goodness out of the content you have already lying around. Most of my clients have more content than they know what to do with. No need to go out and create something newly spectacular.

Why wring all that goodness out of your content? It gives you many more options for your blog, from the ability to plan and schedule posts far in advance to the opportunity to cover topics in depth over time, or, in this case, cover for an absentee.

Read the full post on Denise’s blog and follow her on Twitter @dontgetcaught

For more on repurposing content, check out the content bible – Content Rules by Ann Hadley + CC Chapman

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