This Week In PR: From Building a Global CSR Initiative to The 6-Second History of Social Media

MLMThisWeekInPRPress Release Dos and Don’ts  – Seasoned PR pros and newbies rejoice!  PRDaily presents a spunky infographic of the dos and don’ts of press releases. From it, we are reminded of things like using bullets to break up long points, and to never assume that someone will read your release from beginning to end.

Building a Global CSR Initiative, One Cinder Block at a Time – In this piece, we read about Anne Buchanan’s experience of volunteering with the Public Relations Global Network on a CSR Initiative to build houses in South Africa and how it changed her life.

Spirit Airlines ads riff on royal baby and Anthony Weiner  – I’m not sure that associating one of the most talked about births, the royal birth to be exact, and one of the most recent political scandals would be the best marketing idea, but Spirit Airlines, known for pushing their limits, put it to the test.

MSNBC Is a Model for Investing in Black Audiences – MSNBC, a popular co-sponsor for this year’s Essence Festival (formerly the Essence Music Festival) has made a commitment to appeal to a greater audience of black viewers, and it looks like it’s paying off.

The Social Media List – In what he calls a “Vinefographic,” Esteban Contrera’s vine clip gives you a 6-second run down of all the social media channels from 2002 up until Vine. How many were you a part of?

Have you seen any interesting PR news lately? Let’s talk about them in the comments below!

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