Content: it’s what you create; it’s what your customers want.

Within the last few years, the term Content Strategy has become commonplace. But what is content, and how do you strategize it?

Content is anything that is produced on behalf of a company that is not directly sales-related, but does indeed have an effect on the bottom line. That could be anything from social media posts to contests. Content creates community. It engages readers, Tweeters and news feeders by inviting their comments and questions. These are the conversation pieces. Think of your content as that artifact you brought back from that trip to that obscure place that one time: it always gets people talking when they come into your home. Your business is your home, and people want to be engaged when they come in.

So now that you know what content is and have an understanding of its functionality, how do you strategize its use?

  • Messaging – What is it that you would like to get across to your community?
  • Research – What do your customers want to see? How do they engage with your industry? What do they really like?
  • Create content – Find the intersection between your message and the results of your research to create your content. Use pictures and video often. Share information. Bullet points and numbers keep people’s attention. Contests are great too! Be useful and shareable.
  • Analyze Results – Very simply, what got your community’s attention and what didn’t? Change your plans as necessary.
  • Repeat!

Now that you know the fundamentals of content, you can begin creating your strategy, and building a community around your business!

Seen any great content lately? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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