This Week in PR: From Amazon’s Reputation to A Hunger Games Camp

Reputation Management at Amazon: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – With one short, hopeful visit to the Amazon fulfillment center, President Obama planned to highlight new opportunities for the economy through the company, but instead shined light on some PR problems that Amazon is not ready to face yet, causing the company and the president some bad press.

4 Essentials For Communications The Connect with Any Audience – The kick off the PRNews Writing Boot Camp served to remind industry professionals that, above all, we are storytellers. This piece focuses on four essentials to make your story relatable (and pitchable).

Can A Popular Baby Franchise Turn Its Facebook Fans Into Customers? The Baby Sense Company has amassed a great deal of social media followers and has created a community with ample engagement. But founder, Meg Faure, wants conversion – changing these followers into customers. See the plan to get it done and watch it unfold.

Monitoring The Shift To Sponsored Content –  As more and more outlets are allowing for the purchase of word space, there are five questions brought about by Steve Rubel, chief content strategist at Edelman, that will help to understand how this practice may shape the industry.

‘Hunger Games’-themed camp ignites a firestorm – Florida camp invites campers to train for a battle royale-style game of capture the flag, “killing” other contestants when they are conquered. The question at hand: is it acceptable for adults to encourage this type of play? May the odds be ever in their favor!

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