New Report Uncovers Favorite Brands of Millennials

Philadelphia-based Buzz Marketing Group recently released its most up to date research on Millennials, deconstructing surveyed Millennials’ most favorite brands.

A few interesting findings:

  •  85% of Millennials surveyed listed Amazon as their favorite “e-Commerce” brand; and Netflix surprisingly came in fourth place with 36%.
  • Levi’s won out in the jeans brand category with 62% of survey respondents listing the brand as a favorite; Guess came in a distant second place with 31%.
  • The candy wars were a bit closer; Reeses won out over Snickers (39% to 38%) as favorite candy brand

From Buzz –

In today’s world, we are almost constantly bombarded by advertisements and promotions so it is not surprising that “Gen Y” is a generation that is incredibly brand-aware. After sitting down with 500 Millennials from all over the nation, Buzz Marketing Group gathered a few interesting findings about brands that most resonate with this particular demographic.

Read the  Full Report. 


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