This Week In PR: Apologies and Hashtags

MLMThisWeekWhen to apologize – In the last month, 60 Minutes presented a less than flattering broadcast about the attack on the embassy at Benghazi for which they recently apologized. PR News blogger, Tony Silber, shares his thoughts on how and why apologies are necessary.

Socializing the Event Experience: Digital Trends for Event Planners – We all know that events can play a large part in a PR campaign, just as social media does. PR Tini offers a Slide Share with over 20 tools and tactics for making your events more social for a lasting impact beyond the final toast.

These Are the Best Picks for PRs and Marketers This Black Friday –  Not sure what to buy your favorite PR pro this Christmas? Making your wishlist? Everything PR has got your black Friday shopping list covered! Take a peak.

Snapchat’s 23-year-old CEO was smart to turn down a $3 billion offer – Talk about brand loyalty! SnapChat’s founder, Evan Spiegel, made headlines by turning down Mr. Facebook himself for an offer of $3 billion for his company (that doesn’t actually generate any revenue yet by the way). The Washington Post talks about why this was a great move for Spiegel.

6 Years of Hashtag History – Within the last 6 years, hashtags have gone from Twitter fad to being commonplace there and beyond; used in other social media and humorously in text messages. This infographic gives a rundown of the long journey hashtags have taken to become what they are today.

Have you seen any great PR news lately? Feel Free to share in the comments!


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