This Week In PR: Show Your Joe and McDonald’s Questionable Internal Communication

MLMThisWeekControversy Erupts Over Kmart’s Joe Boxer Christmas Commercial  – Kmart invites you to show your joe! Many feel that Kmart’s newest Christmas commercial featuring Joe Boxer underwear is lewd, and simply not suitable to TV. Though the ad is not surprising considering that, Kmart has been going for the shock value in their ad campaigns this year.


3 PR Tips to Improve Returns on Instagram – Though Instagram released sponsored posts recently, one still must connect with and maintain the followers they gained organically. Outlined here, you’ll find three tips to keep your Insta-stragtegy in tip top shape.


4 listening styles communicators should know – Are you a listener? Are you in PR? Well, I hope you are listening! This piece lists the different types of listening that should be done and when.


Coca-Cola digital chief: ‘Kill the press release’ – It’s been said many times that the press release is dead. While many disagree, some companies like Coca-Cola show great innovation getting their news published without the use of the conventional release.  Within the same vein, Ragan ran a piece earlier in the week stating that blog posts are the better alternative to the release.


McDonald’s Open Mouth, Inserts Clown Foot (Again)Yet again, McDonald’s finds itself in a place of scrutiny after encouraging employees to make their food stretch to feel fuller, and seek ancillary income by selling their personal items.


Bonus:  Here’s an article that’s been floating around the internet for a little bit now. Since being listed as the 5th most stressful job, I’m sure PR people could use some advice on mental resilience. We could all use a little.

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