Creating Your Own PR Analytics Dashboard

Creating Your Own PR Analytics Dashboard

The New Year is a great time to get organized and try new things at work. One thing that should be on your to-do list is creating a PR dashboard in Google Analytics.

Before digging into what should be on your dashboard, especially if you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics, take some time exploring the reports, filters, and segments. Once you know what metrics you should be tracking and how to filter your data appropriately, you can start to build your dashboard.

Why You Need a Dashboard

Dashboards are a great way to get a quick visualization of your data in Google Analytics. You can have 12 widgets in each dashboard and up to 20 dashboards for each website you’re tracking . This means you don’t have to worry about messing with the SEO’s, advertiser’s and the CMO’s dashboards. You can create your own.

Dashboards allow you to quickly monitor any abnormalities and bumps in traffic that you should be aware of on the website. It also gives you a glimpse at how well your PR campaigns are performing.

What Should Be On Your Dashboard

Depending on your PR focus (social media, content creation, media relations) the widgets on your dashboard might differ. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll cover a generic dashboard for PR pros who do it all.

If you want an easy way out, here it is. This dashboard template has all the basics like visitors, goal conversation (you can choose which goal), visitor frequency and engagement, and referral sites.

However, if you are feeling daring and a little bit techy, you can create your own customized dashboard to fit your needs. First, go to the left side and click Dashboards. Under the Private drop down menu, click New Dashboard.

Now you’ll be able to pick, name and filter each widget. Below I show the dashboard I use for one of my clients that I want to monitor social media, referral traffic and their blog.

Most Popular Pages


How People Found Your Site


Signup Conversion Rate


*Goals have to be defined in a different tab.


Unique Visitors

Conversions by Social Network


New Visitor Acquisition from Social



Most Socially Shared Content


Top Referral Links


Top Referral Social Networks


Use these guidelines to start your own PR dashboard to help you better track your success and areas you can improve.

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