8 Ways to Improve Your Blogger Relations

One of my favorite responsibilities at my former PR agency was conducting blogger outreach. To me, it felt like I was getting paid to read blogs, find new writers, and make new connections (among other things).

Over the past five years, I’ve reached out to hundreds of bloggers regarding everything from new product launches to cause campaigns, and have learned many lessons along the way. Whether you are engaging bloggers for a one-time activation or asking them to be a part of your ongoing campaign, here are several strategies to keep in mind.

1. Know your budget. As we all know, content is king. Content is also currency for many bloggers. Are you prepared to pay for a sponsored blog post or cover expenses like transportation or child care if you’re asking them to attend an event?

2. Do your research before reaching out. This seems like such a simple concept, but many PR professionals take a one-size-fits-all approach to blogger outreach. Before you send that email, find out if the blogger’s tone and content line up with what you are working on.

3. Consider their total social media footprint. Clients often put a premium on blog posts, but PR pros should also factor in placements that happen on other social networks like Pinterest or Instagram. Don’t be disappointed if a blogger chooses to post ten photos from your event, but fails to write an event recap.

4. Be friendly and respectful in your outreach. No matter what you are offering the blogger, never forget that you are asking to leverage their networks and communities. The “golden rule” definitely applies here.

5. Remember that good input produces good output. Provide as much information as possible to ensure that the content is accurate and represents your brand in the best light. This includes key messages, website links, hi-res images, and any videos.

6. Do not hoard the created content; share it. Support your participating bloggers by sharing their content across your brand or organization’s social media channels. Just don’t forget to ask for permission first.

7. Partner with bloggers to create experiences. You’re more likely to get coverage if the blogger can share a unique POV on your product or campaign with their audience. Some of my previous clients partnered with bloggers to host Twitter parties, to attend private events, to receive styling sessions with celebrity hairstylists, and more.

8. Remain invested in the relationship after your campaign ends. Keep the lines of communication open at all times. I engaged with bloggers on social media channels, sent quick notes commenting on their posts, and often checked in to see if they were working on any stories related to my brands. Creating successful blogger relationships is a long-form art.

Are there any additional strategies that you would add to this list?

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