This week in PR: Overheard In PR to How to Get Feedback

MLMThisWeek10 mind-boggling things I’ve heard working in PR – We all know that PR is not all about structure and rules, there is a bit of a finesse to it, yet we and others we’ve overheard have said some things that would make you think otherwise. runs down a list of worst things ever said by Comms folk. It gets bad!


30 tools social media professionals can’t live without – Could your social media strategy use a boost? PR Daily offers a thorough list of #SocMed tools that may make your job just a little easier.


St. Augustine Record Publisher Asks the Public to Help Edit the Newspaper  – Everyone loves games in their newspaper but this is ridiculous. We all know citizen journalism is on the rise but this newspaper is capitalizing on it by sourcing news from lay people and let you, the reader, enjoy the many mistakes. Read the story here.

Personal Branding Trends for 2014 –  Want to know what’s hot in personal branding this year? Marketing Profs gives a run down in what they predict will be the trends for this year and how to effectively brand yourself (and your clients) Also, read part 1 here.

Six Tips for Creating an Effective Online Customer Survey  – Your project is finished but not you need consumer feedback to see what your next steps should be. Here are some tips on creating surveys that people will actually take, leaving you with real results for you research and planning.

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