Should JC Penney Have Been #TweetingWithMittens?

#TweetingWithMittensJC Penney was going for humor, but completely missed the mark. While tweeting about the massive blowout that was the Super Bowl, they decided it would be interesting to insert some typos into their tweets. Unaware of the joke, many tweeps thought that JCP’s social media handler of the moment was, for some reason, incoherent and simply making mistakes. Some even joked that it was competitor Macy’s who was behind the tweets.

Later, JCP revealed that the typos were meant in jest and that they, assuming the day would have been colder, wore mittens preventing them from tweeting correctly.

Oh, I get it. But the problem is it’s too late. Because twitter is in real time, people are not looking through your tweets to understand your jokes or really waiting for your explanations. Relevant, easily understood tweets usually win. Someone on the social media team probably thought a little build up would have been brilliant, but it instead left them looking, well, weird and, in some interpretations, possibly inebriated.

Still, their loss was a pretty decent win for some other brands like Kia, Snickers and Macy’s.


Moral of the story? If you’re making a joke on social media, make it snappy. You really only have 140 characters to appear witty. Use them wisely, while you can.

This post originally appeared on The PRsenal.

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