This Week in PR: Focus in Crisis and Making Reporters Love You

MLMThisWeekPR Insider: Staying Focused at the Center of a Crisis – Crisis happens. In order to keep mayhem at bay, we need to continue to communicate effectively making sure that everyone knows what is going on. PR News recaps crisis and how to stay focused and get the message across still.

Instagram publishes tips for brands – We all love instagram! With the vivid pictures and 15-second shorts, there is ample opportunity to convey quick brand stories. Instagram has offered a few tips to make your brand shine.

9 Tools to Discover Influencers in Your Industry – Influence matters but it can be hard to find who holds the influence in different industries sometimes. Top Rank Blog lists the tools to ID the influencers that you need to may your messages go farther.

Four Rules for Telling an Effective Video Story – People are visual. If you can give your audience your story while making them work as little as possible to get it, that works best. PR Web offers four rules for effectively getting your message across using video.

9 ways to make reporters fall in love with you  – We all want reporters to love us; it just makes things easier for everybody. These nine tips will make you just about any reporter’s favorite contact!

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