It’s Social Media Week – 4 Ways to Participate from Your City #smw2014

It’s the 6th annual Social Media Week – an international, social media – powered summit of concurrent digital events and conversations in eight cities around the globe. There are panel conversations, Google Hangouts and Tweet-ups happening right now as we speak in Bangalore, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Milan, Tokyo, Lagos, and New York City.

And while unfortunately there are no officially recognized  Social Media Week events in my city for me to participate in locally this year, I still plan to participate in the festivities – as can you, from wherever you are.


Overview of Social Media Week

The theme for this year’s Social Media Week is “The Future of Now – Always on, Always Connected” – many conversations at the different social media events around the globe are going to be focused on bringing humanity back to our interactions, and rightly so. In a world where we’re so quickly and easily able to connect with someone across the country or globe – how is that affecting how we manage our personal interactions with the person sitting next to us?

Instead of a pure focus on tools, tips and tactics, this year’s week-long festivities will be taking an honest look at what it means – for good or for bad – to live and work in the social media age.

How to Participate from Your City

While I can’t take off on my lunch break to sit in on a breakout session or panel like last year, Social Media Week has made it fairly easy for to participate. It is a social media conference after all.  Here are four ways you can join in.

Hop on twitter and search for the official summit hashtag which is #smw2014 – there you can follow general updates from the official Social Media Week Team. There are also hashtags for each of the participating cities. My favorites are #smwlagos, #smnyc – because the tweets are all in English!

Follow hashtags on instagram – Whatever language you speak, even if you get on the hashtags for Barcelona or Hamburg – the photos are photos, so you don’t need to know the native tongue to keep up. Plus you get a fun, vibrant and visual flavor of what’s happening in all these cities around the world. And since instagram has released video (a new feature since the last Social Media Week) you can watch video snippets from on the ground.

Download the Social Media Week app, available for windows phones, iphones and ipads – it’s a mini social network app where you can chat in real time with other participants across the globe. View the full agenda, toggle between cities and interact with people who are attending in person.

Attend virtual events that offer live streaming – go to the official event website and check the agenda for the events that offer. The app says you can view events virtually via the app, too. So check the agenda for topics that pique your interest and also offer live streaming so you can watch live. Most events have their own custom event hashtags, so if there is a panelist you really want to connect with, get on the website or app to find out what that hashtag is, and tweet your questions or comments.

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