This Week In PR: Writing Tips from Abe Lincoln and Yet Another #SochiFail

MLMThisWeek5 writing tips from Abraham Lincoln  – As communicators we write, and we write a lot, mainly to convince and convey. shared some tips, a la Abraham Lincoln, on better ways to get your message across. Keep it honest, keep it friendly and keep it concise. Read on!

Twitter: Views are my own – oh no they aren’t – In the Twitterverse, we see it constantly, “My tweets are my own” said to differentiate the beliefs of the employee from that of the employer. Stuart Bruce argues that such disclaimers offer a false sense of security as one will be identified with and act as a representative of their company regardless of what they want.

Working Toward Better Client/Agency Relationships  – PR is not your average B2B service. It’s certainly much more of a partnership than a general vendor relationship. In this relationship, there needs to be honesty and transparency for the purposes of building better messages and companies. PRTini offers some tips on how to make this relationship work.

5 Ways to Elevate Your New Business Strategy & Land More Clients  – The year is still so young, there is still time to tweak your client acquisition strategy. PR Couture offers some great tips to give your plans for the year a boost.

Jimmy Kimmel does it again with a social media prank from the Sochi Olympics – Jimmy Kimmel does it again. Playing on the many #SochiFails that have been flooding timelines during the Sochi Olympics, Kimmel decided to tie this into his most recent joke, even getting the cooperation of an athlete on site making it all the more real and awesome!

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