Short on Time? 5 Ways to Build Your Business in Your Spare Time

Many people who work full-time but have entrepreneurial dreams cite lack of time as a reason why they can’t get their side business projects off the ground. But if you can find a few spare hours each week, you can turn your side project into an income stream that brings income in.
If you are building a business on the side, here are five tips for building your brand and business within your limited spare time.
Find the Time. Build it into your Routine  – Don’t put off  for tomorrow or next year what you can do today or in your spare time. Find the time – stay up a little later 1-2 nights/week or get up early every Saturday morning and get some of this work done.  Assess your schedule to determine what days you regularly have some extra time. Then plug that window of time in your calendar to work on your business every week. Make an appointment with yourself.

Get Online. No Excuses – A website gives you an advantage over your competitors – and with today’s technology, you can set up a very simple website in an afternoon using WordPress or SquareSpace. If cost is an issue, use a free service like Wix,  Moonfruit, or Snap Pages.   Because while you are working your full-time job,  you will need to have something that is working full-time for you.  Your website can be making sales for you or attracting new opportunities while you’re at work!

Create Packages – Give your customers options, and try to create something that is simple for you to deliver on the weekends and evenings. Think tiered pricing for higher levels of service, higher quantities of a product, or different amounts of your time.

Automate – Set your business up so that customers can learn about and pay for their package, product, or service on your website before ever talking to you. This cuts down on your administrative time. When you’re trying to run a business on the side, your most precious commodity is time, so you want to cut out all those extra steps like returning phone calls or scheduling appointments. Use the web to automate as much of that as you can with form builders like Wufoo, payment gates like Paypal, and online schedulers like TimeTrade or ScheduleOnce.

Tackle Promo Tasks in Time Blocks 
Pick a regular time in your schedule (every 1st and 3rd Saturday morning, for example) and plan your participation in upcoming promotional events like trade shows, festivals, networking events and conferences. Sit down one Saturday afternoon and research everywhere you want to be next year, then two weeks later at the same time submit all of your applications, send out all of your speaker sheets to book speaking engagements, or submit photos of your products for review.  Choose one thing – one of your services, speech titles, or products to send out, and send it out  20 times pursuing 20 different opportunities in one sitting.


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