This Week In PR: Learning from Game Changers and The POST Method


2014 Global PR Summit Will Bring Together ‘Game Changers‘ – It’s said that to be the best, you have to emulate the best. This year’s Global PR Summit is about bringing together the game changers in the industry to present new insights on how to be better PR people!

Forbes’ ‘PR quiz’ tests media intelligence – Did you take the Forbes PR Quiz? I did, and I have to say, it was pretty tough! If you think you’re a media whiz, give it a whirl and see where you stand as a savvy PR maven.

5 media relations techniques that don’t involve pitching – We all get a little bit tired of pitching. Sometimes, creating a new story angle can be rather strenuous; there will be occasions where there simply isn’t a story. offers some great alternatives to pitching to keep yourself or your clients relevant.

 8 Tips for Getting More Publicity for Your Events – You’re having an event and it needs press coverage. Sometimes, it’s not as simple as sending out a press release and crossing your fingers. BizBash offers some tips on how to get the coverage you want for the events that you are having.

How to Create a Social Media Plan Using the POST Method – How do you create social media plans? Maribeth Neelis of Pushkin PR uses what she calls the POST method. Read along as she walks us through how she is currently using this method to craft her client’s #SocMed plan.

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