This Week In PR: Doing Public Affairs Wrong and The Facebook Spy

MLMThisWeekPublic affairs: Are you doing it wrong? – As PR people, we are meant to understand the perspective of the audience in order to communicate clear, action-inspiring messages to them. In the realm of public affairs, this is a pretty important task but what if we are thinking more about how we want them to move more than how we need to move in order to inspire them? This piece talks about public involvement in these campaigns.

We All Need To Make Big Data Small – Data, analytics, all the funky buzz-words for the return on investment that clients would like quantified. Darrell Jursa takes to Insight & Innovations to air a little frustration on the topic and offer some ideas on how to make your data acquisition work for you.

The best blogging advice no one ever gave me – We blog. We blog a lot. Often trying to remain politically correct while offering great advice that will somehow disrupt industries and bring clients, friends, partners and readers our way. On the topic of blogging, there is ample information but Arik Hanson touches on one piece of advice that he never received that he would like to share with you!

Facebook Pages redesign: 4 things businesses will want to do – Facebook is always changing. At this point, you can’t really expect to see the same Facebook from month to month and you’re not the least bit  surprised when it does happen. In light of the most recent changes, PR Daily runs down a list of ways to optimize your business pages for the current aesthetic.

Facebook’s New Algorithm Is Smarter Than You – A little more on Facebook. So we’ve all suspected that the internet was spying on us and, frankly, for the purposes of marketing and other arbitrary invasiveness, it has been. Facebook has gotten a little deeper into the game by creating algorithms to read into you interactions so that they can better classify you. See what activities give the most insight on who you are in this piece!

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