4 Reasons PR Pros Love To Network

NetworkingWell, we may not always love to network, but within our industry, it is often a necessary evil. Still, we, PR people are generally a social bunch. It’s not hard to find us out and about, mixing with all kinds of people both inside and out of our industry or niches. PR professionals are social butterflies with purpose: every opportunity to meet someone is taken quite seriously. Here are some reasons that PR people can be found at just about every networking event.

  • Self-Promotion – We need to get to know who is around, and let them get to know us as well. We are representing ourselves too and need for important people to know us so that when our name pops up in their inbox, it won’t seem so foreign and they’ll be more likely to hit ‘Reply.’
  • To Find Clients – This is a no-brainer. In order to get new clients for yourself or even your agency, you have to meet new people and be able to explain your value proposition to them. This will often come after a meeting or two over coffee post-networking event.
  • To Stay Abreast of Current Happenings – We need to know what is happening so that we, and our clients, can remain relevant. Sometimes that means we have to get out and see what’s happening beyond our computer screens to fully understand the full implications of things and see if, and how, to get involved.
  • To Create Relationships on Behalf of Clients – a large part of our job is to manage, not only our own relationships, but those of our clients as well. By networking, we test the landscape and figure out ways that we can partner with the people we are meeting and how it will be beneficial for everyone.
There are so many reason to get out there and meet new people! I’m sure you can come up with a few more. What are your networking goals for this week?
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