This Week In PR: Social Media Hotels and Crisis Planning

MLMThisWeekHow Hotel Social Media Goes from Online to Offline  – The hospitality business is getting increasingly social. Recently, I posted about the W hotel in New York offering a social concierge service as an add-on for weddings, this week, this piece highlights the uses of social media in different hotel chains that go beyond inviting guests to tweet using their hashtag. Some of these are really great ideas! Maybe you can glean something cool to use in your next strategy.

7 Statistics That Can Raise Your Facebook Engagement  – Just a little more on social media! Ogilvy has released a recent study on the best methods of engaging your Facebook audience that details what to post and when presented in an engaging shareable infographic.

Machiavelli and a PR Dimension – On a more serious note, it is often called into question whether or not PR spin tends to spin out of the realm of honesty and whether or not that is ethical. This piece explores the question of whether we as PR people are conveyors of the truth, or the messages we create on behalf of our clients whether wholly honest or not.

Why introverts make the best community managers – The very title of this piece seems somewhat contradictory as the common understanding of an introvert is that they don’t like to be in community for the most part. This piece asserts that introverts carry four characteristics that actually make them perfect for this job. See what they are and if you fit the bill too!

A Ferry Tragedy, and a Wake-Up Call for Communications Pros  – We mourn for the many lives lost in recent South Korean ferry incident. Speculations are had a better crisis plan been put into place, many lives would have been saved. As communicators, we can learn a little about crisis communications and planning from this terrible occurrence.


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