During my morning PR news crawl, I came across an article on PR Daily by, one of my favorites, Arik Hanson saying that PR blogging, especially for the independent, may be on its last leg. Here are the reasons listed:

-Too much noise – The blogosphere is jam packed with sharers. We are on info overload, and a lot of it is hackneyed.

-Early bloggers have moved on – The mavericks and mavens of PR blogging have dropped out of the game. They’ve achieved the success that came from the medium, and have moved on.

-Is it still worth the time? – Let’s face it: creating good content on a regular basis is very time consuming. It’s journalism, and journalism is a job. Sometimes you have to decide what’s important between your blog and other priorities; other priorities will often win.

-Solo bloggers just can’t compete against the ‘content machines.’ – The little guy, blogging only when convenient or when necessary, has to compete with full-time bloggers, hired just to create content round the 8-hour clock. Can you really keep up, little guy?

These points are all completely valid, but they are not a reason to stop blogging. Just like any supersaturated market, you penetrate with you message. For PR pros, the silent representatives of others’ brands, creating a voice, personality and following for them, we use our blogs to differentiate ourselves and create a voice.

The early adopters moving on isn’t actually a problem. While blogland is overrun with content, if a few drop out of the race, space will be made for new greats. It’s like the circle of life. Internet life. There will always be a need for certain information and at some point, the current provider of that information will disappear and someone will need to fill that void.

Time is not a renewable resource and we have to decide where and how to use it. If blogging is a part of your marketing strategy, then it’ll happen. If you have more important things to worry about like actually running your business or minding your family, I’m sure the blog will be among the first things to go. By this time, I’m sure you will have already made a name for yourself and you are moving on with the residual “fame” that you’ve created. Kudos.

Indie PR bloggers are indeed raging against the machine, but it’s not always about amount of content being created, it’s about showing that you have expertise in a certain area, and creating relationships with potential clients by being a useful source of information that they may not have otherwise been privy too.

The fact is, there’s not that much new information to go around. Soon idea sharing will transition from blogging to some other trendy medium, but the information will still be relevant to someone out there.

The blog is a time-tested way to connect with an  audience and build a brand. While there will be many out there, and more will join the blog-space everyday, one’s own blog can help solidify their brand identity, while connecting and sharing, and that’s really what matters.

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