‘Demand Success’ in all areas of your Marketing and PR strategy

Last week, PR and Marketing pros were able to share and learn new information during the 2014 Demand Success Conference, hosted by Vocus. Presenters included industry titans Chris Brogan, Judy Smith and many others. The sessions revealed a few topics that I believe will be headlining Marketing and PR discussions for months to come. Here are a few of my takeaways from the event:

1) Marketing automation isn’t going anywhere

Hate it or love it, marketing automation is here to stay. In “The State of Marketing and PR Report” session, panelists revealed that a disappointing number of PR and Marketing professionals did not use marketing automation. Nearly 50% cited budget concerns as their primary reason for not having any systems in place.

However, Monica Mayk of Market Connections dispelled this as a myth, as there are several automation options in place for every budget level.


For those who didn’t think marketing automation could assist with lead generation, reports showed that 62% of people using automation saw an increase of sales conversions.


As for those who aren’t sure how automation can factor into all as areas of their strategy,  You Mon Tsang, SVP Products at Vocus says, “Why use marketing automation + social? Because you can’t just go ask your customers if they like long walks on the beach.” While marketing automation doesn’t mean removing your brand or personal touches from the equation, it assists with streamlining your Marketing and PR efforts.


2) Time to get serious about content strategy


Once the redheaded stepchild, folks are finally beginning to understand how crucial a solid content strategy is to their overall goals. Well, sort of; only 35% of professionals rate their blog as successful for content marketing or news distribution. In her session “Too Big for your Niches”, Ann Handley of Marketing Profs explained that many content creators fail to employ the “Useful x Empathy x Inspired = Great Content” equation, which is a foolproof way to create shareable content. Simply put, everything you create should be useful, help a specific problem facing your customers and use data creatively in order to reach your target audience.


3) Branding is still important

With the introduction of new elements into the Marketing and PR sphere, it’s very important for professionals to remember that maintaining a consistent brand is still important. In her session titled “The Ries Laws of Branding”, Laura Ries reminded listeners that less is always more when it comes to branding. From the your cross platform content development to your auto- drip campaigns, your branding must permeate every avenue of your strategy.

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