The best ebook for freelance PR consultants who are just starting out on their own and need to quickly fill their client pipeline.

Discover and Win is for the PR pro who wants to get out there, but doesn’t know how to market him or herself in order to land new clients.

Updated in July 2013, the revised 2nd edition of Discover and Win will help you define who and where your clients are,what your specific skills are, what you are most passionate about, how to find clients that perfectly match your skills and passions.

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When I was starting my career in PR, I wish there had been a manual to help me make better decisions about which path to take. I learned to draft contracts the hard way getting stiffed by slow or no-paying clients who had no problem asking me to do the work, but were nowhere to be found when it was time to pay. I had to get burned a few times before I was able to walk into a room and immediately discern who decision makers are and if they have the money to pay for my valuable services!

I made a ton of mistakes when I started out. But fortunately, my story and those of the PR pros featured in this book can save you tons of time. Lucky you!

Are you ready to start your  career in public relations? If you are looking for a road map to how other successful PR pros did it and need a little guidance on how to talk to new clients, negotiate your consulting agreements or even find clients, this book is for you.



This book was written for:

  • working professionals who are moving from another industry into the PR industry
  • recent graduates who are about to start a career
  • PR pros who are going from in-house to solopreneur

The Mopwater PR + Media Notes Manual for a Stellar PR Career includes:

  • entrepreneurial advice for finding and keeping PR business
  • expert advice on how to land at a top agency
  • tips on negotiating fees and contracts as a consultant
  • profiles of public relations practitioners from government, fashion, sports, agency, independent boutiques and entertainment PR
  • tips from journalists on using social media for PR
  • step-by-step instructions for revamping your resume to get noticed and hired
  • inspirational words for keeping your sanity during business lulls, crisis in confidence and much, much more…

Revised 2nd version coming soon.